Dance Classes

Classes offered by Gotta Dance give students the opportunity to improve coordination and sense of rhythm, encourage creativity, foster self-esteem, develop self-discipline, discover talents, improve socializing skills and enhance the ability to follow directions.


Tumbling Classes
Have Fun while Learning Dance Movements

Tumbling is a skill-based class that focuses on developing strength and flexibility, as well as mastering basic tumbling capabilities such as rolls, cartwheels, round-offs, handstands, back bends: and introduces intermediate skills such as back/front handsprings and back/front walkovers, aerials, flips, and tucks. As students master skills they advance to higher levels where they continue to be challenged with even more technical tricks.

Combination Classes
A great place to start for young dancers

Our combination classes are designed for toddlers, preschoolers and children under age 7. These classes are designed to help your child explore the wonder of creative movement and dance.

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Individual Form Dance Classes
Learn it with Experienced Teachers

Our individual form dance classes are designed to help your student hone their skills unique to each style of movement and improve overall control, form and technique.

Dance Company
Showcase your Talents

Our dance company takes choreography and technique to the next level. Dance Company is made up of dancers carefully selected from the students at Gotta Dance for their technique, talent, dedication and performance ability. Membership is a privilege, and comes with added responsibilities. Our seasoned dancers participate in studio and community performances and events.

Adult and Youth Fitness
Have fun and Stay in Shape

Gotta Dance Performing Arts Studio is proud to offer a variety of adult  and youth fitness classes! Grab your affordable punch card, and enjoy any and all of our fun and challenging classes! Wondering what to do with your kids while you get your sweat on? Ask about our Kid Dance and Play Program!