Ballet, Tap, and Tumbling

Tiffany Ahotaeiloa grew up in Rock Springs, Wyoming with many interests, including: piano, voice lessons, gymnastics, musical theater, and—of course—DANCE! She and her family enjoy keeping busy with dance lessons and sports!

Ahotaeiloa has been teaching with Gotta Dance since 2010. As a teacher, Ahotaeiloa loves Gotta Dance because of the people she gets to work with: her colleagues, the parents and her young students. She loves watching their face as they recognize their own progress. As a parent, she loves Gotta Dance because of the positive environment. She loves that her children are surrounded by great people who inspire them to push themselves, work hard to improve, and accomplish hard things.

“Students at Gotta Dance are developing their talents and learning body awareness and control from people who truly care about them.” – Tiffany Ahotaeiloa